Of yellow cabs, TV screens and broadway

I think you may pretty much have an idea about what I am going to write on. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of? Yes, New York! I suppose blogging about it came in late for me, as some of you may know, I restarted blogging with a completely new blog site and scrapped everything from the previous one. I guess I was still trying to think what contents I should put up back then, so. Anyway, back to our topic, New York. I wasn’t supposed to go but thinking ok, big popular city, the notion of glorious living depicted by movies. Why not? Since I was coming from DC which I also visited around this time, it made it easier to think to give it a try. I flew in night time and it was 3 degrees that time! (will blog about the hotel soon). I wasn’t actually really excited about visiting it but when I stepped foot somehow it alleviated that feeling and made me look forward to the morning where sightseeing awaited! Stayed right smack at the center, very near to the broadways and Times Square so everything was pretty accessible.

I have this love and hate relationship with New York. I lived in the USA for cumulative 1.5 years and on weekends, we normally fly out and head to different states and never did my interest get piqued in visiting NY. I was thinking it was overrated and there are other cities even more beautiful than it even though most of my colleagues had been there for two times or so. Nonetheless, I don’t regret visiting it. When I was there it was a mixed feeling like your emotions blinking, switching back and forth, your perspective ever changing. I feel like some people are aggressive yet some are very hospitable. It was a mix of both messy and beautiful, of tranquil and loud, of high end and dodgy. Every thing is there. Personally, my emotions switched from feeling intimidated to excited. Like a blinking light.

Going around, I began to like some places, spots that I now fancy going back to. I admire New York for being the epitome of anything city. The amount of led TVs hanging, the bright lights, broadway shows, tourists – a melting pot of tourists, shops, bars and apartments. It is fast paced, true that every one seems to be in a hurry. Do I want to come back again? Actually, yes. 🙂


This is also in response to WordPress’ Daily Prompt: Blink


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