A noun or a verb?

In response to WordPress’ Daily Prompt: Treat

I was discerning how to approach this prompt, should I go on the noun or the verb. Then I thought, just in time, maybe I could do the verb. It is a brand new year and most of us would like to enlist things we’d do better this year. I am not a fan of new year’s resolutions but new year can serve as a reminder for us of the things, dreams and goals we’d like to come true even before “another Day 1” comes into the picture.

And so for me, I would want to…

  1. Treat this year in a positive light and with a happy mind and happy heart
  2. Continue treating life’s obstacles as effective teachers which I already have proofs from the past years
  3. Treat work conflicts on a non personal note – arguments and disagreements exist normally and that this can be resolved through communication
  4. Treat challenges as a way to hone skills, experiences further rather than complain about it
  5. Treat loved ones even better – love them more, give them more time, care more
  6. Treat rude people as people to ignore and not waste time on; lately, I tend to respond back to rude people
  7. Treat rumors and gossips as topics to ignore and dont spend time on the negative
  8. Treat money better – save more, invest more, spend less
  9. Treat time more importantly – spend more time with loved ones and just the right amount of time for work
  10. Treat idle times as an opportunity to improve – exercise, read, enroll in classes

I would want to keep just the right amount of items in my list and even if it isn’t new year I really would want to work on these things even better. I am positive about 2018 and I know that this will be another of my happy years with yet another improved version of me.



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  1. I used it as a verb in my post today. Great outlook for the year. All the best!!


    1. iamjaselp says:

      wow! nice post 🙂 yep, cheers to the new year, all the best to u as well

      Liked by 1 person

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