Real Talk

In response to WordPress’ Daily Prompt: Conversation

Let’s admit it, the way people converse nowadays is different. I am not sure about you but I often observe people during lunches going in groups but some times would end up fidgeting their phones. Specifically in a place where I am now, I find this becoming a “trend”. Hence, oftentimes I catch myself missing deep, real conversations with people that matter, or even new acquaintances that exude a mutual yearning to get to know each other or share perspectives.

I am an extroverted introvert or v.v. =)) Yes, some of you may understand that that type of people exists. I can stay quiet and go S O L O but also get along well and chit chat enthusiastically. I guess for me, I still look for and appreciate people with mutual interest to talk, a genuine enthusiasm, people who I can converse with without noticing the passing of hours, people who I can naturally be – manifesting our proclivities and propensities with. I still have this from certain people and I am happy that I can still do. And there’s also a part of me that tries to withdraw should I sense that the conversation isnt happening and then, I’d rather stay alone. I just hope that with the boom of social media where people share posts than personally say, we can still find time to sit down and talk.



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  1. Alice says:

    my thoughts too! technology brings us together but also keeps us apart :/


    1. iamjaselp says:

      yes alice. that’s true nowadays. by the way, just visited your site, amazing blog 🙂


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