Icing On Top

In response to WordPress’ Daily Prompt: Finally

2018 has come singing a positive tune as it brings with it remnants of 2017’s grateful moments cascading through to yet another year to be happy and positive about.

2015 and 2016 were my crucibles. Had been tested and made to endure a number of situations which never in my life I thought of ever going through. It was when my principles were tested, as well as my patience. It was when I found almost all aspects of my life challenging. Moments were I had to make big, risky decisions. However, those years have finally passed and I am now in a position to say I am well and moving forward with life. Things have been better in almost all facets. In 2017, I have travelled, unplanned, to the city of lights as well as other new travel destinations, made major investments, launched heaps of projects at work, moved in to a new home all to ourselves, to name a few.

I may be on my way to yet achieving my life goals and dreams, but I am navigating through it in a positive light and for that I am beyond thankful. Finally, I am on the right track, smiling along the way.


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